Notarized certificates

Adv. Morris Rubin is a notary in Jerusalem who provides high-quality, meticulous and highly professional notarial services.

What is a notarized certificate?

A notarized certificate is the complementary side of legal translations – but not only that, it is a certificate that is required for almost any official document. In order to give validity to the translated document, a notary with the appropriate certification and experience is required. It is worth noting that the authority of these notaries is the highest in the Israeli legal system and is in no way challenged. A notary with this authority is required in an experience of at least a decade, as well as adhering to strict ethical requirements and maintaining confidentiality.

When are notarial certificates required?

Notarial certificates are required for official documents of all kinds, especially for various certificates: birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, certificates of completion of higher education and more. Also, in business conduct, various documents translated into the languages ​​relevant to the parties with whom you cooperate are often required – and without notarization these documents have no legal validity. It is very important to understand the importance of this certificate in order not to find yourself in a situation where the document will not be accepted by the institutions for which they are intended.

The responsibility of a notary

The reason why special training and extensive experience in the legal field is required in order to obtain the authority to give notarial validity to various documents here of the various courts and tribunals is required to rely absolutely on the approval given by the notary. Therefore, he must be able to read the document carefully, make sure that it is worded correctly, that it contains all the required signatures and stamps, and when it comes to translation – that the translation is true to the original. A computerized translation  does not provide the required quality and accuracy. The high responsibility of a notary and his credentials makes it important to carefully choose the firm where you choose to conduct your legal affairs, including translating legal documents and obtaining notarized certificates on source documents. Adv. Morris Rubin has served as a notary in Jerusalem for over 30 years, and may certify documents in Hebrew, English, Latin and Afrikaans.

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