Family Law

Close accompaniment throughout portfolio management in the field of family affairs will help you get through all the bumps safely and relatively easily.

Family Law

The field of family law is one of the most extensive legal activities in Israel. This category includes all aspects of dissolution and family formation, conflicts between family members, inheritances and more. Family matters are separated in Israel from other court activities and are adjudicated in the rabbinical courts or in family courts. Deciding where to file your suit is a critical decision and is best planned in advance with an attorney.

Nowadays, many people anticipate such problems in advance, so make financial agreements prior or even post-marriage, and is particularly of importance to those living together without marrying.  This procedure is also done with the assistance and guidance of a qualified family law attorney.

Why is it important to contact a family lawyer in advance?

A family lawyer often makes it possible to reach an equitable agreeement before reaching the courts, which makes it possible to expedite the processes significantly. Of course, the decision to separate or resolve family disputes in peace is ultimately up to the people themselves, but the assistance of a sensitive, experienced lawyer with good access to people who are at a crossroads on a personal level makes it easier to resolve many issues, and create the optimal conditions, which is in the best interests of the parties, and the children in case of divorce.

Trust in the professional relationship

In order for a family lawyer to be of assistance to you and assist during the various complex processes that go through during the reorganization of life, it is very important to always be honest with the specialist to whom you have turned, and create a trusted work relationship. The Rubin Law Office in Jerusalem is a family business that gives a tailored feeling to each of its clients – close guidance throughout the management of cases in the field of family affairs will help you get through all the bumps safely and relatively easily.


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