Enduring power of attorney

Planning Ahead

As people get older, their thoughts may turn to leaving instructions and expressing their wishes as to how they wish to live, what care they want in the future and specific instructions as to their property – all in a time when they can no longer express those wishes, such as when suffering from dementia. Until fairly recently, relatives were left scrambling to get a court order apppointing them as guardians, but without really knowing the wishes of the parent, relative or friend. Nowadays, you can leave an Enduring Power-of-Attorney, appointing the person or persons to act on your behalf, and leaving specific instructions as to your daily care, property and even medical care preferences. Only a specially-trained attorney is empowered by the State of Israel to prepare such a document, after meeting with the principals separately and together, in order to explain the process, the considerations and the responsibilities, and to ensure that the Enduring Power-of-Attorney is being prepared of the person’s free will.

The Rubin Law Office has been licensed by the State to assist you in preparing this very special and important document, with the sensitivity required to ensure a smooth and comfortable process in making these difficult but necessary decisions.

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